Bobo & Behaja

Passionate about Malagasy tsapiky for the past ten years, Electric Vocuhila’s saxophonist Maxime Bobo is going regularly since 2018 to the region of Toliara, the cradle of this music in the southwest of Madagascar, to meet, record and play with many « bal-poussière » tsapiky bands.

Following a first collaboration between Electric Vocuhila and Behaja - one of today’s leading tsapiky band - Bobo & Behaja explore in a streamlined formula the new sounds and frantic rhythms of tsapiky by making an unprecedented combination with the saxophone, both rooted in tradition and deeply modern.

Tsapiky is a young musical style born at the end of the 1970s from the meeting of village traditions and modern African music, of which the electric guitar has become the king instrument. It is played mainly in "bal-poussière" in the southwest of Madagascar, during ceremonies organized for weddings, funerals, circumcisions or the celebration of other events, and during which the musicians play from morning until dawn for several days.

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Ekaly : Voice
Maxime Bobo : Alto saxophone
Behaja : Guitar
Emima / François Rosenfeld : Bass
Gérard Rakotoniaina : Drums // 07 61 74 00 38 // Booking Europe :