© Mathilde Baron

Steak is a pop-folk/experimental trio founded in Tours in 2013.

Unclassifiable, the trio is so both in its instrumentation (vocals, organ, saxophones, effects, double bass, drums...) and in its artistic direction, oscillating between a vocal pop not unlike the Beach Boys or the Zombies and a free jazz that lets us hear the resonances of Keith Jarrett or Ornette Coleman.

After five years of festivals in France (Terres du Son, Jazz in Marciac, Aucard de Tours...), two music videos and an album released on Capsul Records, Steak is in creative residency at the end of 2018 in Chennai (India) for the project "Steak & The Western Tuk-tuk", followed by two tours in India and France.

Paul Cadier: Voice, Organ, Saxophones & Percussions

Flavien Légland: Voice & Double-Bass

Axel Gaudron: Voice, Drums & Percussions // 06 33 47 51 92