« Plein air » is the name of the current programme by Ymir.

This title arises from the ambivalence between the feeling of picturing oneself in a large and infinite space, which matches the minimalist movement, and the consciousness that the substance we are crossing is full, saturated with infinitely small movements.
This ambiguity gives birth to music made of layers of refined details, giving the illusion of a moment, suspended in time.

With Ymir, composition and improvisation mingle and meet. The band's musical pieces are tinged with surprises, frictions, ritornellos, spaces, mischief, idleness, clarity, shades, ingenuity, poetry, suspension, mineral, minimal. This music invites us to a slow, jubilant dance, but also to a long crossing that never turns back.

Ymir's music has to be listened to closely.
Ymir took shape in 2019. The instrumentation (tranverse flutes, cello, trombone, drums) form a wide acoustic playground for the orchestration. The musical inclinations stick out and aim to blend the combination of tones in order to disrupt and surprise the listener. The care for mixing composition and improvisation elements is constantly present. The compositions are fed by sonorous textures and matter produced by the distorted use of the musical
The musical influences of the band are, among others, the works of the trio AIR,of Henry Threadgill, of the quartet of Julius Hemphill, of Othar Turner and his minimalist fife and drums, of Christian Wallumrod, and Andrea Parkins.

Aline Bissey : tranverse flute, composition
Alexis Persigan : trombone
Guillaume Haddad : cello
Adrien Desse : drums

ymir4tet@gmail.com // 06 79 98 84 07