Free-Funk quintet.

Tok CHANDAIL tell stories. We don't really know what about. They talk, sometimes softly, sometimes louder, get confused, then come together. Voices and rhythms mingle, beats get crazy and then are forgotten.
It's noisy, it's not very happy, sometimes it smiles.

It intertwines, it knits, it's thick and it's warm. It's robust and delicate at the same time. In short, it feels good.

Tok CHANDAIL follows on from Air Brigitte and Ôriôn, bands in which Emma Hocquellet brought together various personalities to have fun kneading again and again a lyrical, polyrhythmic material, reworked as desired, and in which improvisation can intervene at any moment.

The composition and scenarios are influenced by a wide range of aesthetics, from improvised music to dance music. To name but a few: Henry Threadgill, John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Ornette Coleman, The Meters, Terry Riley.

Alexis Persigan : trombone
Jean-Jacques Goichon : bass guitar
Thibault Florent : electric guitar
Alexandre Berton : drums
Emma Hocquellet : keyboards, compositions