Daumenkino Trio

Daumenkino Trio’s music (ex-Vocuhila Trio) creates a playground between acoustic instruments and electronic devices, ritornellos, free jazz and free improvisation.

The back-and-forth between repetitive melodic sequences and free counterpoint provokes both a sensation of persistent images and permanent movement.

" A free counterpoint that extends the legacy of Ornette Coleman's trio in an unexpected way, and progresses as if in successive, singularly penetrating bursts. "

Franck Bergerot, Jazzmagazine Jazzman / september 2013

" This is telluric jazz, engaged body and soul in a long-distance race but always on the verge of rupture, of excess. This fusion trio projects a free jazz, very free, lyrical and joyful, almost shamanic but always clear. More necessary than ever in these times of too often formatted and predictable music. "

La Fabrica’son / 2014

Maxime Bobo : tenor saxophone & effects

Jean-Jacques Goichon : double bass & effects

Etienne Ziemniak : drums & effects