Jim Ballon

Jim Ballon, it’s the sweetness of a slightly naive vision, a powerful free and psychedelic energy, four voices harmonizing, fluctuating and blending around a confidence.

Progressive and singular, the group's songs scatter into spacey, rock, electronic, pop and transcendent adventures, always driven by improvisation and sound research.

To preserve their freshness and raw sensitivity, Jim Ballon are constantly evolving and revisiting their music with each concert, as in this new quartet format, where the vocals are in French and the textures stretch to infinity.

Jim Ballon's first record was released on the labels Another Record & Idéal Crash


Arthur Delaleu : bass guitar, backing vocals
Alix Beucher : guitar, backing vocals
Axel Gaudron : drums, keyboards, backing vocals
Flavien Légland : guitar, synth, vocals

jim.ballon@outlook.fr // 06 09 73 43 06