© photo: Arthur Lusson - © retouched: Tiffanie Pichon

NOUR's music is a brutal and calculated abduction, that jostles and sweeps you along like a tight, discontinuous jostle.

Listening to it is like watching an ingenious, precise mionechanism at work. Its hypnotic force is driven by the disarming simplicity of being executed without artifice, of living without exhausting itself.

Vigorous melodies, sung, plucked and struck, patiently pierce the interstices of turbulent movements, sometimes contemplative and dilated, sometimes narrow and hammered.

With vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, the band oscillates between repetitive, contemplative pop and a dense rock.

Nour's first record Vain Bleak and Iconic was released on the label Kythibong.

Thomas Leuwers: electric guitar, organ, voice

François Rosenfeld: electric bass, organ, voice // +336 86 25 14 11