So-lo-lo @ Festival Météo in Mulhouse, August 2023, © Alicia Gardès

So-lo-lo #3 : Basa-basi

Basa-basi, in the Indonesian language, means kindness and small daily exchanges and could be translated by chit-chat.

Two years after So-lo-lo #2, haunted by the sounds of Gamelan, Thibault Florent is back at work to release a new repertoire in 2020, just as delicate and mesmerizing.

Far from palaces, processions and ceremonies, Thibault Florent fantasizes about an everyday music, bewitching and profane, a lonesome craftwork and nevertheless spiritual.

One gesture, one sound.

We will rub our eyes at this lone guy with an orchestral tone, busy from head to toe, knitting the twelve-string surrounded by the long resonance of DIY gongs.

Or we will close our eyes and let ourselves be captured by a sound space of unequalled density, oscillating between peaceful ripples and sudden tidal waves.

Thibault Florent : prepared 12-string guitar // 06 61 63 07 44