The band Jogging almost makes songs... There is a drum kit, a guitar, a microphone and a pad, all played by a drummer who also makes the lyrics and there are also several synth keyboards played by a specialist. Jogging is a member of Capsul Collectif, bringing together drummer Alexandre Berton and keyboardist Emma Hocquellet for a Spoken Word mixing lo-fi rock song and improvisation.

Jogging is the C side of a record of French Variété, it is the appearance of the second degree.

We are told the story of our social, political and economic imagination which scratches and soaks the most essential of our stimuli. It is the color of lack, it is the indecision of an era, it is what constrains us and liberates us.

There is music, present, improvisation and a lot of obsessions.

Jogging's treelink is : here

Alexandre Berton : Drums + Guitar + Vocal

Emma Hocquellet : Keyboards